Member Services

Our core focus is performance based consulting.   By that we mean the purest form of Nassim Taleb’s intent with Skin in the Game or Jim Delamater’s The Great American Mismatch.   

Liability, Fixed Cost and Overhead Mitigation:

  • Risk Mitigation Audits
  • Manufacturing and Workflow Optimization
  • Renewable Energy Net Energy Credits:
    • Solar PPA sourcing and negotiation
    • Anaerobic micro-digester collaboration and income
  • Bandwidth Audit and Optimization
  • Retirement and Benefit Package Audits

Crisis Management and Transition

  • Workout Road Map and Planning
  • Loan Origination, Debt, and Balance Sheet Restructure
  • Succession – Protective Trusts, Planning and Insulation from Liability 

Income, Growth and Strategic Partnership Services:

  • Sales Automation
  • Salesforce Management / Oversight
  • M&A Strategic Networking
  • Strategic Partnership Introductions
  • Financial and Capital Planning

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